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We are the world’s 1st official licensing marketplace, dedicated to selling and shipping your merchandise and food globally.

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Egeez is the world's
first dedicated licensing marketplace platform

$3.5 trillion
Global Mobile eCommerce Sales forecasted in 2021

$50 billion
Global Box Office revenue during 2020

$280 billion
Global Retail Sales of Licensed Merchandise

Publishing Perspectives
40% increase
in Digital Shopping in the past year, and 5x faster.


Control your licensed products wherever, whenever

Our dashboard provides vendors with advanced reporting tools, including full orders and offers access to statistics on your fans and reporting tools to impress your licensor.

Why Egeez?

Licensors listed on the Egeez platform will only have to ship products - we take care of everything else. It's super simple, and you can get started today!

Sell anywhere

Fans can finally find your official licensed celebrities, cartoons, comics, merchandise, or food on the go – geolocated.

Find your loyal fans

Find your fans for your licensed brand. Your only marketplace for curated licensing products.

eCommerce Suite

Egeez can become your eCommerce platform for you to sell instantly. Shipping, reporting, payments & marketing is available as part of our solution for start-ups.

Sell your overstock

Your merchandise deserves to fly off the shelves. Let’s solve your overstock problem.
Verification Guranteed

We sell 100% official licensed products

Egeez verifies 100% of all licensed products to avoid any infringement on intellectual property online.
Egeez is dedicated to protect licensees and licensors in the marketplace.

Oh, geez! Your fans are waiting!

Let's connect you with billions of your own fans today. Onboard with us to discover the true potential of Egeez and your licensed products.

Join 100k+ products by top licensors & studios

Onboard with Egeez today and discover the potential of our web and mobile app marketplace.

How egeez works

We've tailored every aspect of our technology to be perfectly aligned with your goals.

Ship your way

After we onboard your products, you can accept orders and fulfil them ready for shipping to your customers locally or internationally.
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Geolocate your fans

Trusted users access egeez marketplace dedicated to global licensed brands whenever, wherever. Boost your visibility with fans in the grid geo-located. Add as many shipping locations.
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AI Learning

Maximize visibility with
Artificial Intelligence

Every cartoon or celebrity has fans worldwide. Our entergaging AI predicts the IP statistics per region such as popularity, ranking, sales, fan base, and more in order to target your licensed products to the right fans who will buy. You just ship!
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Customer Retention

Retain your

egeez is your digital marketplace that will act on your behalf to automatically remind customers of your products with our creative content generator and social media expertise.
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Management & Reporting

Tailored Dashboard

Access your egeez reports, sales, orders, and more to make enhanced decision making with your licensor, marketing team, & manufacturer as you learn on the go about your licensed products.
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Don't just take our word for it

Billions of loyal fans are ready to
discover your products worldwide.

FAQ - Licensing Partners

Being Listed

To become listed on the Egeez platform, you must be an official licensee or reseller of official licensed products. Being listed will result in improved visibility for your licensed products to fans. You’ll be able to reach new audiences and markets, without having to invest in marketing yourself.

Getting Featured

Egeez also has a “Top Picks” or “Featured” carousel, which are often broken down into several categories, like “Recommended Products”, “Popular Near You”, “Recently Bought”. Being featured in one of these sections is a quick way to increase the visibility of your products.


Egeez pricing is simple. $0 activation fee.

There is only 1 fee called order fee calculated as a percentage of each order made through Egeez web or app. To learn more about your fee, e-mail and we’ll get back to you.


Egeez connects you to fans worldwide and you are responsible for shipping.
Who doesn’t have an e-commerce solution in 2020! You must have a logistics solution in place to ship to Egeez customers. We will notify you by email and we will provide you with Egeez partner login portal to view reports, orders, products list and data. Keep all your orders centralized in one place by integrating Egeez with your eCommerce solution. To learn more, e-mail and we’ll get back to you.

Marketing Tools

Egeez has a creative marketing team that will support partners with marketing assets to expand your business. We will provide you with Egeez official logo to place on your website, email signature, or stores for customers to find your products. We will run social media posts and email marketing to create more visibility for your licensing products.

You can also be shown on top of the listing in the Egeez app geo-located to be seen easily by the masses. To learn more, e-mail and we’ll get back to you.


Egeez can pay partners and vendors weekly or monthly via a direct deposit into their bank account.


Egeez will support integrations with numerous point-of-sale (POS) systems, so our partners and vendors can connect their Egeez channel to their POS. This can save you a lot of time, resources and money, as it becomes possible to automatically accept online orders from Egeez, and send them directly to your POS system. This requires no “human intervention”, which means your floor staff can focus on serving in-house customers instead of having to follow up on incoming delivery orders.